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Continental shelf activities

Since the commencement of activity on the Arctic shelf the “Belfreight”, due to its specialization and location, couldn’t stay apart from participation in transport and drilling projects of major oil and gas companies in the North of Russia.

Belfreight’s active work in this sector started in 2005 through offering its agency attendance to LLC Gazflot’s ships and drill rigs at the Northern sea ports of Russia.

We provided agency service to LLC “Gazflot” during drilling season of:
- 2006, for a semisubmersible drill rig of Deep Sea Delta, the Shtokman gas field
- 2008, fro a self-lifting drill unit Energy Exerter, the Dolginskoye field

Our responsibilities were as follows:
- attendance to supplying vessels at the port of Murmansk (liaison with the sea port officials, formalization of cargo documentation, vessels supply)
- forwarding of part cargo destined for a drill rig
- liaison with customs officials (procedures of transit and short term importation)
- liaison with immigration officials (procedures of vessel outward clearance, necessary notices provision)
- arrangement of visa support and crew change (visas obtaining, ship and drill rig shift crew transfer and accommodation)
- conveyance of crews (passenger vessels and helicopter chartering).

Since 2011 and to date - participation in servicing of the “Prirazlomnaya” drilling platform for several customers: JSC “Industrial association” Sevmash”, LLC “Gazprom Neft’ Shelf”.

In 2013 Belfreight got 250 DNV standard mud skip containers manufactured. The given lot of the containers was leased to LLC “Gazprom Bureniye” once the drilling work started on the “Prirazlomnaya” platform.

Moreover, in 2013 Belfreight started rendering service on drill waste disposal (drill cuttings, drill wastewater, used drilling fluid) from the platform of “Prirazlomnaya”. The waste disposal takes place on the licensed ground at the port of Murmansk. The customer is LLC “Gazprom Bureniye”.

In 2014 Belfreight becomes a ship agent in Murmansk for the LLC “Gazprom Neft’ Shelf” vessels, supplying the “Pryrazlomnaya” platform, such as multiservice ice breakers “Vladislav Strizhov” and “Yuriy Topchev”, a salvage duty vessel of “Vengery”. The vessels call at Murmansk once a week, using the “Shipyard 35” berth as a supplying base.

Other activities of Belfreight on the North seas’ shelf areas:
- affreightment of dedicated fleet and comprehensive support to research expeditions
- arrangement and performance of emergency and salvage duty by the sea platforms

Towages and offshore projects department

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Shipping line Arkhangelsk – Narian-Mar-Varandey

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Chartering Department Contacts

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Offshore project and towage department contacts

Andrey V. Danilov
Department Head
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Forwarding Department Contacts

Elena V. Santalova
Department Head
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Agency Department Contacts

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